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And There Was darkness

There’s something about a darkness/blackness that is no longer pending but is become mankind’s most trusted bed fellow, 04/11/2014

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The Occupation

-I was standing in my kitchen, I was preparing my grandson Caden and grandniece Lawren something to drink, when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, asking me, do they know, do their children know, that although they grew up in free territory, that although you, their parents grew up in a free territory, that their children will grow up in occupied territory, in an occupied America? 07/12/2010

Jesus Said Light (revelation) Hath Come 04/10/2014

What’s Worse Than Disaster? Denial, Death and Damnation

-I was in this dream recently, my Daughter-in-law Tameka and I were in a car, she was driving and I was on the passenger side. Just as suddenly we found ourselves in the midst of this blackness, I mean we couldn’t see anything but black, that’s anything besides a minuscule of light just ahead, when I say minuscule, I’m talking a pin whole of light, when I began warning and instructing her to cut on the high beams, cut the high beams on and the dream passed just as she did. Of course I don’t have to explain what this dark is, this black actually, it is the birth of mankind upon a planet that has for centuries and centuries forsaken God. For Tameka it represented the lack of faith she often find herself in, the pin whole of light in this darkness, Christ’s Cross, now unto those high beams, God’s glorious intervention into or along this vast corridor of black, trust, delight and commit in the light of life, Jesus, and God will, and God will!

-You do know it’s all borrowed right? The female hostess handing off the loan of the artificial Leopard skin coat, (the American Dream), leopard skin coat as an indication, mankind and their sins are one. Of course nothing she, this evil whore of the damn could offer you, mankind could’ve been anything other than a loan, because again, it all belong to HIM, to GOD. Everything that you are, every person, that this earth is, everything here, above and even under us, is HIS to do with what HE alone see fit with Jesus Cross alone evoking HIS unmerited mercy that we all need not perish. This is why God can take of it whenever He will, it’s why it’s appointed unto all mankind to die, that men like the fish are snared in a net when they least suspect it, for a reference see that building exploding in Manhattan, the Washington State mudslide, The Missing Plane of flight, and recently, that exploding bus where high school kids, some of them burn to death. This world people is not our home, it’s simply a pastime unto Christ’s cross, that we’re to regain our divine immortality.

-I heard a person report that over 200,000 people die on this planet every twenty four hours, as one of my book characters said, Sioux Noel, death is not the anomaly here, dying lost is, truly it is. This is the Christ Lord Jesus declaring how those saving their lives, which is impossible with a curse of death pending every twenty-four hours of each day, still HE forewarn, those attempting to save said lives will lose them for all eternity. Although those losing these lives unto the Ministry and outreach of Christ Cross will gain these lives forevermore, also in HIS words, they shall never die, because in biblical reality, HE is the resurrection of life, Jesus, God, manifested in the Flesh, HE IS.

I’ve believed for years it is these manners of reality by whatsoever sources that are plenteous, that these are the manner of realism suiciders come into before they end it all, or hurt, maime and kill others and then end it all. That to them this manner of negative to deadly response is more respectable and credible than them falling on their knees and acknowledging God, that it is HE that has from the beginning created it and began us all. That’s all we see, touch and feel is borrowed from what HE in the beginning intended but with an evil working more so than a righteousness as mankind worship that wicked the most, rebellion all the more abound. Look at the young man that did all that stabbing, these are demonstrations by the way, remember, everybody trying to go about a normal, everyday life can just forget it where disasters now until Christ's reign all the more prevail. Anyway it’s said being in his family was like being a part of the Brady Bunch, you see to the world this is a good thing but in harsh reality it was this child’s and thousands like him underlying problem, because the world he, they live in is nothing like the Brady Bunch or any of the other hundreds of youth like and teen like characters they portray on networking television and movies, NOTHING!

-No these godforsaken to anti-Christ like programs targeting our children are all the more proof they’re being deluded and deceived the more, truly if this is all these networks has to offer, if this is the world passed, present and future, what sustaining worth does this world have to offer but a misery, an unthinkable hollowness and then death. This is why remarkably I’ve come to realize the five disasters pending as of June of last year are all to serve as wakeup calls. It seem each time one is more horrible than the one prior and an exploding bus full of future college students, what future, what college? These are questions God is asking you, everything disastrous is performing itself so non-suspecting, and now exploding high school kids. Truly, we don’t have anything that is not temporary, nothing that is not borrowed, that we can keep or take with us when we depart this planet, nothing, nothing, nothing but is that what we teach our children so they can prepare themselves for God’s kingdom coming?”

-I, this end time Apostle, listen to Alex Jones show, I visit his website several times a day, I make comments on some of it's articles, if you don’t get it, most spiritual leaders wouldn’t be caught dead and in heaven. Evidently it’s like the disciples coming upon Jesus talking to the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, it was just forbidden. I don’t agree with everything he teach or believe, but if you really or should I say if you’re READY to come to turn with what’s really going on. That's what’s under the clever veil deemed the American Dream, these scales pulled over your eyes at birth so that you can’t see or look steadfastly to that so painfully obvious, this is the truth of what this man’s programming is about. Although Alex Jones yet has his version of what’s important to him, namely the American Dream. Truly as one not really wanting to face the fact God, for the fulfillment of end time prophecy is in the process of bringing America and all deemed the Free World to an end unto the anti-Christ reign, and still Jesus Millennium Reign.

-I further contend Alex Jones is right when he ask, don’t you see how tremendously you’ve been lied to, how tremendously you’ve lied to yourself? Though this end time Apostle ask, the strong delusion God promised to curse upon unbelievers, those not loving, the love of the truth (Christ Jesus’ Cross), what is it, what does it consist of? I’ll give you a clue, it’s why Jesus admonish His inquiring about end time events disciples not to be deceived. Repeatedly, its man thinking the earth is his, that he can then do with it whatsoever he see fit. Just the fact that what you all are seeing as your local, to governmental to international enemies coming against you is really God the Supreme at present anxiously bringing an end to it all. Henceforth, with much concern this then mean you war and wrestle not against flesh and blood, but even more dangerously, even perilously so in these end times, you all the more do battle against God’s Kingdom Coming.

-Just for further emphasis, this is the same ministry that predicted a Hussein White house (Barack Hussein Obama), while they were yet hunting down Saddam Hussein through the streets of Iraq. The one who later witnessed a huge container fall on him, with A Voice Declaring: “Saddam has fallen and will not recover.” I tell you now, God will not put another man/woman in the White House, I saw something gloriously, without description happen to the white house, (God’s kingdom coming), believe this Apostle, this wasn’t man. As I've witnessed, God will no longer entrust man with the affairs of such desperate people, all they have are good intentions that fall like huge, blazing hell stones from heaven crashing, hurting and killing the people. Thus good intentions of god forsaken men have been nothing but deadly intentions, repent ye.

-This is where I want each of you momentarily to think, for this cutting to the heart truth is why God through Psalm 2 ask the question, why do the heathen rage, and people imagine a vain thing? As Alex, like Saul, who later became Paul the Apostle ask, who are you Lord, the Lord is saying I’m the God of Creation, that this is Mine Anointed, Jesus Christ, whom you prosecute (battle against). I hadn't thought about it but you possibly ask, so what are you suppose to do, surrender? Well yes, but not so much that you stop doing what you're doing, just so you know, this is happening, your nation is being judged by God. Sincerely, whether it's by the Damater, the globalist, the terrorist or a combined Russia to China occupation, God is the true perpetrator of it all, that as of Oct. 2016, America, the free world influence on this world's nations will be no more.

-I was at my daughter-in-law beauty shop a week or so passed, she was watching a talk show, many of which plague especially day time TV. Still as I watched I came to realize American’s have build a system of evil, yes, one that our children and grandchildren are born into. This corrupt form of changing the truth of God into lies, that all the more make it appear as though, well instead of God banning Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden because they failed. Well now it’s or the way the American Dream is put forth it’s as though, that people instead are made to believe Adam and Eve instead put God out of the Garden of Eden because He failed, and what you have now as a result is America and the entire free world where they worship gain, fame and pleasure as godliness, truly my people destined for heaven’s throne beware.

-This then mean the Rising Above Ministry (RAM), has always been about fulfillment, fulfillment of what scholars say is yet 80% of unfulfilled biblical prophecy. Honestly, I never could tell anyone, or change anything, that whenever I spoke the truth of Christ’s Cross nothing or no one was going to change, believe, why? Because although they have eyes, since the fall in the garden they see not, that although they have ears, since the fall in the garden, they hear not, their hearts are with every generation of immense rebellion harden the more against the righteousness of God, His demonstration of blood redemption for mankind, Christ’s Cross, ah my god. Thus, when God explained this to the prophet Ezekiel, He wasn’t simply talking about Ezekiel’s Judah or even that generation, He, God was describing the hearts of mankind of any existing or futuristic generation.

-Of course, now we know why doing the great end time tribulation more people will get saved than at any other time in biblical history. This is why this ministry began with a formation of Jesus returning as promised for the blood redeemed, why most of all I was made to see the preparation of the end time labors who will pretty much be martyred some horribly so for their testimony (ministries) of Jesus Christ. This is what is being explained to the saints John see under the throne of God crying how long O Lord, holy and true doest thou not avenge our blood on the inhabitants of the earth? Does anyone care to guess what or to what degree is America’s blood guiltiness, in the intrepid dream, this blood guiltiness weighed some 190 pounds times the length of time she’s been declared a nation, lease we forget? John said robes where instead given to these awaiting saints and it was explained to them to wait a little while longer until the tribulation saints are meet with the same martyrdom as themselves.

-I’d been having a lousy time with God, I was angry and frustrated and whatever was bugging me so I blamed Him, God. I’d gotten saved for the forgiveness of sins, I had a form of a prayer life, but to say I was ungrateful and so bitter again at God. This particular morning I guess you can say I’d grown tired of my insolence, I knew there had to be more, so I crawled into my closet of prayer, and I began to pray to the Father according to Roman’s 12:1, 2. So when I’d finished praying it wasn’t long before I grabbed my youngest son Darius, and just as soon a neighboring friend and her daughter around the same age and we just went walking. I will never forget, like right at present, it was a stunning, beginning of spring day, we walked and we talked about how beautiful and amazing the blooming trees and flowers until we rested said walk at a fence which surrounded a duck pond.

-As I was standing there I heard a voice, one I’m now most familiar with, it spoke and it said look up, and I remember saying to myself, what if I see Jesus? I looked up and what to my wondering eyes did appear, the Christ Lord himself, he was white as snow, with huge wings stretched out to each of his sides, with his arms reached out toward me, telling me to come. I didn’t think much of it, remember I’d said just before looking up, what if I see Jesus? So again I went back to what I was doing, when again I was told, I looked up and just as so there He was still, white huge wings, arms stretched toward me telling me to come. I believe it was here I told my friend, I see Jesus, she didn’t pay me no never mind, so just as soon, I return to what I was doing, when still a third time, I was admonished to look up, ok now I was feeling a bit frighten, I begin thinking, O God, I’m about to die and Jesus has come to get me, I didn’t understand it then, but now of course with every breath I welcome it.

-Soon we turn back toward home, not knowing for a second what I’d seen and heard and what it’s to indicate for an eternity. It would be some seven years before I would have some idea of what happen and still more years to come, like everything regarding this single event would momentarily be placed on pause, then I heard him say, I’m coming soon go and tell my people, it’ll be exactly twenty eight years this spring. I know because my youngest son Darius born 1982 was four years old at the time, I never forgot the time of year because that’s all my friend and I talked about as we enjoyed such a beautiful day, again with Jesus promising, even admonishing me to tell the people He’s Coming Soon, truly if a thousand years is like a day to God’s Throne, then thirty years (2016), yes realizing only a year ago, it’s the same year as the fulfillment of the Intrepid Dream, would be less than a nanosecond.

-I was most recently reading some material on end time biblical prophecy, in the material the writer began quoting facts about a certain date, this date was April 17th. Those of you who’ve read behind me these last twenty or so years, know, I have a main prophecy regarding a voice declaring “Mark 17 and 7, well what this man would reveal is just as amazing. It’d been realized that three of the most famous events of the bible had happen on this date, first, Noah's Ark resting on the Mount of Arafat was on this particular date in biblical history. Then there was Moses, delivering the Hebrew children out of Egypt, that when he parted the Red Sea and they crossed on dry land, it was on April 17th. Then on to the third and most miraculous of them all, that when Jesus rose from death three days after His crucifixion, that this was reportedly to have happen on an April 17.

-I know amazing right? The three most extraordinary forms of deliverances ever, although, it was again through one of my book characters, one of the Indian brothers, Medicine Bow sign, as they were discussing Maaseiah’s discovery of such a thing did he begin to ask about her. About her, you know seeing the Christ, His commissioning her three times to come, how she said it often enough it was a beginning of spring, do we even imagine it was April 17th? Imagine as the great gathering of saints will be the most extraordinary deliverance of all, that all such the like emancipations proceeding, Noah’s ark, Moses and the Hebrews, and Especially Christ Jesus resurrection, destroy this temple and in three days it shall be rebuild, were all leading up to this ginormous manner of liberation of them all? Just as I described, I only considered this similarity as I was teaching on this discovery through my book characters. If they seem odd to you, my various book characters, remember Jesus for the most part used parables to teach the word of God, like setting a picture in the mind, as those He ministered too were blind, deaf and relentless in sins and trespasses.

-I was reading an article recently about the great gathering of saints, something that has been a reality to me for some nearly thirty years. I’ve through visions, dreams and visitations to heaven been in so many forms and versions of this event one thing is evident, Jesus Himself is returning for his church-bride, the dead in Christ rising first then those alive and remaining. Although as I was this day reading the one thing that put me on this pulse was this man stating how once the rapture, this wordless gathering happen, nothing on this planet will ever again be the same. As I said once I read this, I had to pulse and think about it for a while, you see this is how it was for all of those to whom Jesus showed Himself once dead horribly but now gloriously risen from the dead. Those people lives were never again the same, the earth, man, even the things of God, they knew, and there was no way you could again deceive them, no more reigning doubt, unendingly, they knew.

-Sadly millions and million and still millions of people awaiting this end time phenomenon will because of unconfessed sins be left behind to endure the times of the anti-Christ, but thanks be to God now, without a doubt they know, it is all real, it is all true, now God await this resurrection of the tribulation saints upon which John declared he looked and saw a number, that no man could number come out of Great Tribulation. You see as I was ascending on high, and He carrying me off was God Himself, I’ve wondered for nearly thirty years how, why God Himself? When just recently through one of my book characters, Desrek Allum, was I made aware, this was Jesus, ascending to heaven I was simply seeing Him in His true form, which is God, the angels and all had not been able to see HIM until now, which is why scripture described Jesus as God now manifested in the flesh and seen of angels.

-I don’t know how many of you have seen it, but I watched the movie the other day, The Day After, it’s a movie about a nuclear attack on US soil, and I just want to bring one scene in particular out. It's the scene of the father grabbing a hold of his wife as he have to drag her to the cellar kicking and screaming. Of course up to now she refuse to acknowledge the harsh reality her world as she’d made it, as her godless leaders had for so long made it, this is what Jesus mean, that all that has gone before us are thieves and robbers, it is all over. This can’t be a reality for a woman who has spent all her life an American and the last few days planning and prepping for her daughter’s wedding that is that next day. This scene pretended here is what Jesus meant about the end times, the abomination that maketh desolate that will bring a sudden, unimaginable end to all things as we’ve known and worshipped above all that is called God. How the people will be as lackadaisical as they were in the days of Noah, that despite insurmountable bouts of forewarning more and more cataclysms will overtake them suddenly and without warning, with Jesus crying behold, I will kill your children with death, how sad, how immensely sad. ...A Must See Video:

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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I was standing over my stove, I was cooking when suddenly the Holy Spirit began speaking to me, how soon we, the church bride could be in heaven, looking down upon and praying for the tribulation saints as the Antichrist is given power to overcome them. 03/17/2011

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